Proceedings of SII 2015

Proceedings of SII 2015

4th Argentine Symposium on Industrial Informatics

ISSN: 2451-7542


44 JAIIO - 44th Argentine Conference on Informatics

1st - 2nd September 2015

Facultad de Ciencias Exactas, Ingeniería y Agrimensura

Universidad Nacional de Rosario

Rosario - Santa Fe - Argentina



The Argentine Symposium on Industrial Informatics (SII) is an open forum for researchers, practitioners and students that use and/or develop models and computer systems for industrial applications, both in academic and professional environments.

The main objective of the symposium is fostering the interaction and exchange of ideas, experiences, and results of the professional and research activities of its participants in the area of Industrial Informatics, through technical sessions and discussion panels.

The Argentine Symposium on Industrial Informatics SII 2015 has been held as part of the 44th Argentine Conference on Informatics (44 JAIIO), on September 1st - 2nd, 2015, in the city of Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina.

Authors were invited to submit contributions in the following two categories:

  • Research Papers presenting original research results. The submissions must not have been previously published or be under review at another Conference, Workshop or Journal.
  • Experience Reports presenting practical experiences, applications of methods, tools, etc., in areas related to the Topics of Interest of the Symposium. The reports should include a brief description of the problem/context in which the experience took place, the method or tool applied, as well as the results and conclusions obtained.    


Topics of Interest

Works sent to SII 2015 report relevant research results and industrial experiences in the following (or other related) areas:

  • Decision Support Systems
  • Information Systems (ERP, CRM, DRM, MRP, SCEM, etc.) and Industrial Platforms
  • Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) Systems
  • Automation and Industrial Robotics
  • Software and Systems Architectures in Industrial Applications
  • Real Time and Transactional Systems in Industry
  • Process Control and Monitoring
  • Real Time Optimization
  • Production Planning, Scheduling, Control, and Optimization
  • Supply Chain Design, Planning, Control, and Optimization
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Enterprise-Wide Optimization
  • Optimization Under Uncertainty
  • Industrial Information Networks
  • Interoperability and Systems Integration
  • Collaborative Systems in Industry
  • Business-to-Business (B2B) Information Systems
  • Cloud Computing in Industrial Applications
  • Artificial Intelligence in Industrial Applications
  • Modeling Based on Software Agents
  • Traceability and Event Management
  • Industrial applications of Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Industrial applications of RFID and EPC Systems
  • Computational Simulation of Processes
  • Performance Measurement and Benchmarking
  • Productivity Improvement in Industrial Environments
  • Quality Management and Control
  • Sustainability, Green Management, Green Production
  • Innovation Engineering and Management



  • Marian G. Marcovecchio (INGAR-CONICET/UTN, UNL)
  • Pablo A. Marchetti (INTEC-UNL/CONICET, FRSF-UTN)


Program Committee

  • Pío Aguirre (INGAR-CONICET/UTN, UNL, Santa Fe, Argentina)
  • Alberto Bandoni (PLAPIQUI-CONICET, UNS, Bahía Blanca, Argentina)
  • Aníbal Blanco (PLAPIQUI-CONICET, Bahía Blanca, Argentina)
  • Diego Cafaro (INTEC-CONICET, UNL, Santa Fe, Argentina)
  • Marta Castilho Gomes (IST, Lisboa, Portugal)
  • Pedro Castro (Universidade de Lisboa, Lisboa, Portugal)
  • Omar Chiotti (INGAR-CONICET, UTN, Santa Fe, Argentina)
  • María Soledad Díaz (PLAPIQUI-CONICET, UNS, Bahía Blanca, Argentina)
  • Raymundo Forradellas (UNCuyo, Mendoza, Argentina)
  • Rodolfo García-Flores (CSIRO, Australia)
  • Gonzalo Guillén (CEAS, University of Manchester, Manchester, Reino Unido)
  • Gabriela Henning (INTEC-CONICET, UNL, Santa Fe, Argentina)
  • Ricardo Lima (KAUST, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)
  • Martín Gonzalo Marchetta (UNCuyo, Mendoza, Argentina)
  • Mariano Martín (Universidad de Salamanca, España)
  • Fernando Daniel Mele (FACET-UNT, Tucumán, Argentina)
  • Carlos Méndez (INTEC-CONICET, UNL, Santa Fe, Argentina)
  • Marcelo Montagna (INGAR-CONICET, UTN, Santa Fe, Argentina)
  • Marta Susana Moreno (PLAPIQUI-CONICET, UNS, Bahía Blanca, Argentina)
  • Juan Matías Novas (CIEM-CONICET, UTN-FRC, Córdoba, Argentina)
  • Bernardo Páez de la Torre (CARTOCOR, Paraná, Argentina)
  • Analía Rodríguez (IDTQ-PLAPIQUI, Córdoba, Argentina)
  • Ana Rosa Tymoschuk (UTN FRSF, Santa Fe, Argentina)
  • Aldo Vecchietti (INGAR-CONICET, UTN, Santa Fe, Argentina)
  • Marcela Vegetti (INGAR-CONICET, UTN, Santa Fe, Argentina)
  • Pablo Villarreal (CIDISI-UTN FRSF, Santa Fe, Argentina)
  • Luis Zeballos (INTEC-CONICET, UNL, Santa Fe, Argentina)
  • David Zumoffen (CIFASIS-CONICET, UTN-FRRo, Rosario, Argentina)